People Celebrating The Happiest Day of Their Lives

There truly is not a greater feeling like being freshly divorced. So happy for them!

Just divorced.

Celebrating the happiest day of his life.

Just divorced. Now accepting applications.

Just divorced. So long...

The end of an error.


Hong if you are single.

Just divorced!


Just divorced!

Divorce day!

Positition open.

Just divorced.


No wifey.

Just divorced.

Just divorced.

Just divorced :)

Just divorced!

12 thoughts on “People Celebrating The Happiest Day of Their Lives”

  1. Why is divorce expensive? Because it’s worth it.

  2. Congratulations for escaping the plantation!

  3. Love is grand.

    Divorce is 10 grand.

  4. That’s what you get for shitty American fake romance and marrying too young because of religious BS.

  5. Whilst one can find a lot of things that are worse (and some probably better) than, for instance, in the EU, you may be surprised that in some EU countries the divorce rate is well above 30%, even without religious BS. Just saying.

  6. There seems to be a loose correlation between people with divorce signage on cars and older cars or cars of an unusual design.

  7. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness….never paid for a divorce

  8. And still dicorce is a much easier and less expensive adventure in the EU.

  9. On average, about a year and a half difference. Big whoop.

  10. …the fuq?

  11. That’s a Dodge Polara.

  12. I’m a gay, so I never got married. So I never get to be divorced. Yay! Double win!!!!!

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