According To Christian Logic…


Destructive weather is God's wrath? There must be a lot of gay aliens on Jupiter.


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  1. Praise our Lord March 8, 2019

    Jupiter is Hell. The great red spot is the doorway in which the souls of sinners are sucked in.

  2. Alfred the Vicar from Derbyshire March 8, 2019

    The gay aliens have all relocated to Uranus long ago.

  3. The nose on your face March 8, 2019

    There are no buildings on Jupiter from which to throw gays from the roof.

  4. Jupyter Boy From R World March 9, 2019

    The premise is not true. That said;

    God doesn’t really need to get involved in creating hell on earth, just need 1% more Marxists at the voting booth than everyone else, and judgement is self fulfilling, long term and devastating and.

  5. safetyguy March 9, 2019

    At least christians don’t chop off the heads of their daughters if they go outside without a scarf on their heads.

    • Anonymous March 9, 2019

      No, they just burned women alive or drowned them. Islam is just a few hundred years behind.

    • Atheist Realist March 13, 2019

      ALL religions/superstitions are inherently EVIL. It does not matter what flavor they are. Primitive people invented Gods to explain nature. They invented afterlife scenarios to explain death. Then they invented myths, now known as religions, to control people. Religion is a hate filled business venture that thrives on the fear it creates.

  6. I wonder where do these stereotypes about christians come from. I go to church since birth but never ever heard that weather is related with God’s emotions. Not every religious or political joke is funny. Some are just wtf. Like those antivaxer jokes few weeks ago – although I agree with the idea that vaccines are good, just nah, not funny.

    • Controversial jokes = Traffic.
      Ad-money valued higher than handing out proper information.

      Can you blame them? I must agree, it’s tiring though. Ridicolous statements. And not enough CATS. Seriously. Where have the cats gone?

      Cats > Cheese on Babies > Jon Bon Jovi > Christian/Islam/Librul jokes…

      – CatMan

  7. Tesla believed that religion was important as a tool to teach morality and that faith was a critical part of humanity… but atheists are smarter than he was.

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