Imagine No Possessions Or Violence



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  1. A hypocrite can still be right, though.

  2. Peter Gozinya December 9, 2017

    he abused women?!? WTF are you talking about…I’ll never know because I just took your page off my daily routine of favorites

    • That’s sooo sad… ooops, no, in fact nobody cares about you :D

    • Obama's white mum December 10, 2017

      Yeah, right on brother. They bad mouth Mao too. So what if he killed millions, they probably had it comming.

  3. A liberal who don’t do as they preach? Imagine that..

    • How’s that Roy “Christian Pedo Values” Moore thing working out for you, Sparky?

    • Bipartisan debauchery December 10, 2017

      Ask Brian Epstein and Billy Jeff Clinton on the Lolita Express. Or Zelda’s amour Senator Bob Menendez about the young ones in the Dominican Republic.

    • Seems all your politicians are perverts. We only get a few. Yet, it is you who developed from a prison colony. More perverts for you. Makes sense.

    • forger who takes"notes" December 10, 2017

      @Meh, your so hot meh. Will you sign my year book?

    • @forger who takes”notes”

      “@Meh, your so hot”

      My so hot? What does that mean?

  4. Imagine everything is mine December 10, 2017

    I want the white grand piano. You can have Yoko.

  5. It’s always easy to have a go at a dead person, because they can’t fight back.
    I hope John’s ghost comes round your house late one night, and sticks a rolled up copy of Rolling Stone Magazine up your bottom.

  6. You have a fixation on shoving stuff into **** holes. Where you a flower in the attic?

  7. beatles suck December 10, 2017

    Two bullets. That’s all it will take for a beatles reunion.

  8. Paul McCartney: “I’m sorry kids, I have bad news – your mum is dead. Good news is it’s sausages for tea!”

  9. someone is really desperate to get use out of that liberal arts degree

  10. Abuse? Have you ever heard Yoko Ono’s ‘music’?!?

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