Imagine No Possessions Or Violence



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  1. A hypocrite can still be right, though.

  2. Peter Gozinya December 9, 2017

    he abused women?!? WTF are you talking about…I’ll never know because I just took your page off my daily routine of favorites

    • That’s sooo sad… ooops, no, in fact nobody cares about you :D

    • Obama's white mum December 10, 2017

      Yeah, right on brother. They bad mouth Mao too. So what if he killed millions, they probably had it comming.

  3. A liberal who don’t do as they preach? Imagine that..

    • How’s that Roy “Christian Pedo Values” Moore thing working out for you, Sparky?

    • Bipartisan debauchery December 10, 2017

      Ask Brian Epstein and Billy Jeff Clinton on the Lolita Express. Or Zelda’s amour Senator Bob Menendez about the young ones in the Dominican Republic.

    • Seems all your politicians are perverts. We only get a few. Yet, it is you who developed from a prison colony. More perverts for you. Makes sense.

    • forger who takes"notes" December 10, 2017

      @Meh, your so hot meh. Will you sign my year book?

    • @forger who takes”notes”

      “@Meh, your so hot”

      My so hot? What does that mean?

  4. Imagine everything is mine December 10, 2017

    I want the white grand piano. You can have Yoko.

  5. It’s always easy to have a go at a dead person, because they can’t fight back.
    I hope John’s ghost comes round your house late one night, and sticks a rolled up copy of Rolling Stone Magazine up your bottom.

  6. You have a fixation on shoving stuff into **** holes. Where you a flower in the attic?

  7. beatles suck December 10, 2017

    Two bullets. That’s all it will take for a beatles reunion.

  8. Paul McCartney: “I’m sorry kids, I have bad news – your mum is dead. Good news is it’s sausages for tea!”

  9. someone is really desperate to get use out of that liberal arts degree

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