Job Interview Gone Wrong



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  1. I got demoted at work because my boss’s boss asked me my opinion on things. I explained that the #1 problem with the company is that the one and only goal is corporate bonus (plus more unflattering things about the higher ups). Within a week, my immediate boss demoted me and agreed that it was because her boss did not like me. Officially, I was demoted because “I was not pulling my weight.”

    • Myself I love to promote people who fight against me for strong and correct principles. I don’t immediately admit they are right, but when the time comes, they have my full support. (Btw, I’m not anymore in the position of promoting people, because I got fired in the meanwhile for my way of thinking.)

  2. Distropia May 26, 2014

    I hold a high position within my company and I got there by lying and back-stabbing. Decceit is the watchword for the day. BTW, I own my company. It’s a one man operation.

  3. Sir Crazy May 27, 2014

    I swear this is one of the questions where if u lie then you get the job and if u r honest then u get that “we’re sorry” letter.

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