Jimmy Fallon’s Annoying Fake Laughter



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  1. 12 letters too many. Jimmy Fallon Is Annoying

  2. Yea.. Jimmy is not that good.
    Also he admit it. He said he worked hard and got connections and got the job. He gave a valuable life tip to all you.
    I love Conan OBrien by far better than Fallon. Conan is genuinely smart, extremely witty, and with his improv background he also is not afraid to play small scenes with imagined characters. Conan also does fake laugh, but often cracks for real. Or his fake laugh really sounds like a person’s who enjoys himself.
    Actually I find it hard to find other really entertaining yet smart hosts on TV. Craig Ferguson seems to be a living joke, but he is a bit too wacky for my taste. The rest are either too serious, too try-hards (like that.. jew guy with glasses.. Colbert(?)) or just not entertaining at all (J. Leno seemed to just be sitting there for the sake of paycheck).
    These talk shows are not real news. they should be fun and entertaining, yet not annoying. Host hence should be fun.
    Fallon is definitely not the worst, but he also is a bit of a try-hard. He is afraid to not be entertaining, hence he overdoes situations.
    It is really noticeable when Fallon has to interact with guests – he seems fun alone, but he has bad people skills and is really bad at banter.

    • I’m not sure if religion is colouring your perception, but Colbert is actually Catholic. You may now reconsider your stance.

    • rozbisurmaniony March 30, 2017

      How about JIMMY KIMMEL?

  3. I think they record like 3 shows a day, thats probably why they follow that annoying formular where they say and do the same thing in every single show, and that takes a truckload of fake laughter to get through. Especially for the tv audience by now.
    The intro where he goes “welcome, you’re here, you made it” in EXACTLY the same way every single time just grind my gears. I can even predict the individual camera moves throughout the show by now, like when he places the album cover of the band playing on the camera after the concert at the end, and goes op to high-five the audience while the camera follows him.
    I litterally feel my braincells leaving my skull when i watch it now. Thank god for the internet where every cat meme is new;)

    • They film one show a day and two on Thursdays, off Fridays. So, there’s no excuse for his terribleness.

  4. Carmen Nail May 11, 2017

    I have e watched Jimmy Fallon for a couple of years. Now I’ve gotten to where I can’t watch, his fakeness makes me uncomfortable. Reminds of someone I work with, “everybody is so great” after you listen to that crap for so long, you see it for what it really is. Someone trying to make everyone feel special. Please stop Jimmy… we want to see something real!!

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