What Italian Flag Stands For



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  1. The Good German October 8, 2017

    That explains a lot…

    • German is sad she lost both

    • Sven Vas Defferens October 8, 2017

      Churchill once said (paraphrase) that Italy was UK’s ally in WWI, and it was only fair for Germany to have them as their ally for WW2.

    • The Good German October 8, 2017

      Hehe, who’s next?

    • You mean the next war Germany will lose? Or next people Germany will commit genocide?
      Every time Germany goes badly on economy a new world war starts :O

    • German Machine Gun October 13, 2017

      So better hope for the strong German economy in the future. Yet, Trump wants to bring it down. He’s warmongering.

  2. Some American Guy October 8, 2017

    I have heard that since the VisiGarth (Hun tribe) invaded Rome and tucked fheir woman the Italian’s have been pussies ever since, but I cannot confirm this.

    • I heard that since they invaded the Americas, the Americans will start wars in different countries to revive their economy. This is the same idea as the Germans had, but less bally

  3. I think this is a bit unfair to the Italians. Italy after “unification” was (and is) a conglomeration of regions whose loyalties were mostly local. The central government was always viewed with suspicion, hence it was always difficult to maintain consensus in peacetime, much less during a war. Italians themselves are generally hard workers whose loyalties tend to be very strong on a personal level; less so on a national level. Calling them cowards or traitors is not correct. Ask the Kurds what they think of American loyalty.

  4. Italiano Medio October 9, 2017

    My favorite quote:

    “Italians lose wars as if they were football matches, and football matches as if they were wars”
    Winston Churchill

    So true.

  5. What colours are fashion, sunny weather, art, mafia and luxury cars?

  6. I think what happened was, we looked at this:
    then we said: “uh-oh”.

  7. italians in fact lost wars when they were allied with thekrauts

  8. How could you say something so controversial yet so brave

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