Italy Switches Sides, Joins Coronavirus


Italy switches sides, joins Coronavirus.


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  1. E.A.Presley March 15, 2020


    • E.A.Presley March 15, 2020

      On the other hand, the Italian Vegetato camo is very stylish. I would expect nothing else from the Italians.

  2. Kung Flu Bob March 15, 2020

    I guess the EU-one-stater’s and Marxists are learning about border security.

    • Border security does not stop viruses.

    • Kunf Flu Ahmed March 15, 2020

      And that is why your doomed.

    • This isn’t about stopping, it’s about slowing down. So the health care systems don’t get overwhelmed by patients like in Italy. The actions now in place are there to keep the infection curve lower and more spread out. So not all of us get sick at the same time.
      You won’t need it. As most Americans have no health insurance you just die. No matter how fast the virus spreads. Survivability rate in the US will be like in a third world country as usual.
      An infection is inevitable. We all will get it sooner or later.

    • @ Euro There are approx 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US who for obvious reasons can’t go to a doctor. On top of that less than 60% of the population have sufficient health coverage.

      Trump’s so called plan has done nothing to stop the spread. In a few months the Mexicans will be building a wall to keep the Americans out. Time all countries closed their borders to Americans.

    • True, they will spread it and without control whole US will be incapacitated in a few weeks. But freedom. MAGA.
      Meanwhile Trump tried to steal the vaccin in development from Germany who want to share it with everyone else. Trump wanted it for the US only. Investors of company said FU.

    • Americans don’t know solidarity. They’d rather kill each other over a roll of toilet paper before they share resources and help each other. United States of asocial egomaniacs. All that hoarded food, medicine and stuff will rot unused instead of being available to the people who need it. They will create their parallel crisis.

  3. Well I’m extremely disappointed in the virus. It’s sole purpose was to infect Trump and it failed. It really needs to try harder.

    • Eric the half bee March 16, 2020

      We live in hope

    • Trump + Johnson + Bolsonaro + a few more anti-humanistic alleged leaders, who do nothing but divide people and linen the pockets of those who are loaded already.

    • Cogito sum March 16, 2020

      Did you really expect him to say anything else?
      Trump, Putin, Bolsonaro…
      Their ego’s don’t allow them to not keep up the semblance of being impervious supermen.
      File this one in the same folder as his tax declaration : humbug

    • They created their own doom. Cutting funding for science and desease control. Good. Let’s hope the vaccin comes to late for them. There are few people who deserve this – those do.

  4. just sayin' March 17, 2020

    Your problem is that you self-isolated your brain.

  5. A train carrying about 300 passengers from Venice, Italy, to Munich in Germany was halted on the Italian side of the Brenner Pass before being allowed to continue its journey after the two tested negative, authorities said.

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