Damn This iPhone FaceID Lock…

22 thoughts on “Damn This iPhone FaceID Lock…”

  1. The angry SJW are coming

  2. Ha, well spottet. It must be a matter of seconds now before someone accuses apple of being “islamophobic”.

  3. Sure, but as always the moronic RWNJs got here first. I’m guessing because they don’t have jobs?

  4. Apple is about to be the leading cause of honor killings.

  5. Hah! They put a hole in the gold (?) cover to show plastic (?) Apple logo.

  6. Zelda, is that you? Your so hot!

  7. Looks like someone has a job commenting here. Fighting for zi freedom and shiats.

  8. My job is defending the religion of peace from those critical thinkers. Protect Islam from logic!!!

  9. I’m kinda sure an iphone recieves some wifi or other signals through the logo part, which is why the logo is made of thin plastic and not covered up on covers.

  10. No job, no girlfriend, forever alone. Hein.

  11. Who’s Zelda? That game charakter? OMG, that was a long time ago… When you little faker were still a carrot on the field.

  12. Sorry to disappoint you. Married & making 6 figures per year. Not having job and demanding free stuff is a lefty thing :) But everything is valid to not have to face you support oppressing women like this one in the picture, right?

  13. Hein, at least we know that, in the long run,
    Rattus and Dat will look LOVELY in their burkas…..

  14. Nice story, Hein. Unfortunately fake like all your stories. You’d be the last one to fight for women. And we all know that. Islam would be paradise for men like you and Buch.
    Kauf, why should I wear a burka? I’m male. Sorry to disrupt your erotic fantasies about me? … No, not so sorry, creep.

  15. She can still enter her PIN. But does it display right-to-left or verse-vice?

  16. Sorry to end your fantasy, Dat. I’m black, married, make 6 figures and value freedom, hard work and integrity.
    I’d have no place in Islam nor would oppress women, that I leave for you who defends Islam.

  17. Let me a simpler statement so your lefty brain gets it:
    I and Kauf are against Islam culture. OTOH you and few others here defend it, that includes women oppression (like this picture), gays and atheists slaughtering, lack freedom, etc.

  18. Forgot Christians and Jews slaughtering (Christians are by far the most persecuted people in Africa by Muslims)

  19. Check out the bling, she looks really oppressed to me.
    And when we get behind closed doors
    Then she lets her hair hang down
    She makes me glad that she’s a woman
    Oh, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors

  20. For future reference, six figures does not include the two after the decimal. You make four figures.

  21. Poor Rattus. Looks like your fantasy ended too. But yeah, per month would be 4 figures.
    You might try it too. It’s called education, responsibility and hard work. Blaming others for your failures takes you nowhere.

  22. Assuming that you make the upper end of four figures monthly, that means you make less than $120,000/year. Yes, that is six figures, but low-end six figures and certainly not worth bragging about.

    Sheesh, you people with your modest salaries, tiny genitals, giant tires, and narrow minds. So very, very uninteresting.

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