iPhone Generation

24 thoughts on “iPhone Generation”

  1. Idiots? What’s so idiotic about those girls buying tickets to the Justin Bieber concert on-line?

  2. Those girls are debating the quantum double slit experiment via text. They are obviously too smart to be belieber’s.

  3. Replace the ipods/electronics with newspaper and we’d have the older generation.
    They were absorbed in their newspaper, we’re absorbed with our electronics.
    There will always be something to absorb the generations.

  4. Haha! The only correct thing about your comment is that “Justin Bieber” and “idiotic” are mentioned in the same sentence. :D

  5. Nope. You can’t play Angry Birds via Newspaper.

  6. Remember the time before fire? those were the times! Now with all those wheel-barrow whipper-snappers young’uns start getting ideas about running round, showing no respect to their elders.
    also, http://quoteinvestigator.com/2013/03/19/tech-surpass/

  7. @Bryn

    Nobody said the previous generations were smart. They were just smarter than the current idiots. And there is a distinct possibility that this generation of iHeads (where i comes from “idiot”) will look like geniuses compared to what is to come.

    There must be a law of conservation regarding intelligence, where there is an upper limit of intelligence and the sum of it is constant . Meaning the more intelligent ideas and scientific discoveries you pump into the population, the less intelligent it will become.

  8. @Dick Richie
    Well, I seriously believe that the intelligence that’s required for them to use the smart devices comes in fact from quantum tunneling effect. Otherwise something like that would be for them just impossible.

  9. @Bryn
    And they’re not just reading the news or playing games. Most people are using their smartphones and other modern technology to socially interact with others through text messages, emails and social media communications. We’re actually interacting more with other humans than ever before. We rarely ever take a time-out to go for a walk in the woods or sit at a beach, we communicate in every waking moment.
    So according to Einstein, if it was indeed Einstein who said this, we should be far more intelligent than previous generations. And guess what, @javi? That’s exactly what we are. According to psychologist James Flynn, the average human IQ has increased dramatically over the past century.

  10. @javi
    There is, actually, a “law” of conservation when it comes to intelligence.
    Hence, an individual can be smart, but the same individual in a group will be completely moronic.
    From this, I deducted that intelligence is a constant, only to be shared with people.
    For instance, 1 person has an IQ of 100, 2 persons will be 50 (each) and so on and so forth. Maybe not that exaggerated, but something like that. Keep in mind that the world’s population is growing steadily, and with the available IQ as a solid number (still just hypothesizing), generally human kind is ****** when it comes to future generations. Maybe we need a bigger war or famine than ever recorded. That’ll sort thing out ;)

  11. Computers are evil and Bill Gates is the devil.

  12. Bill Gates? Bill Gates is the Devil?? Look at all those Cuties. They all have IPhones. Aim not the finger of guilt at Bill, look to the real Devil —-> Steve Jobs <—- destoryer of minds, defiler of souls, preverter of innocent children.

  13. No, I’m not!

  14. @The Lone Wonderer
    Let’s think about this in a different way: 2 or more brilliant physicists gathered together… Well…

  15. Not an Einstein quote. I fear the time when all quotes are attributed to Einstein.

  16. @javi
    As in a think tank? Could work, but then again the ideas will get outrageous and the productivity will decline. Also, there’s a good chance they’ll set the sky on fire :D

  17. Wasn’t that an Einstein quote?

  18. @The Lone Wonderer
    Damn it! Why would your mind go to the think tank and not to the discovery of I don’t know what amazing planet or particle? It must be that your thoery is true after all and 2 minds together is bad bad news. Let’s split ways and hope that our brilliant minds will not remain forever entangled.

  19. The problem imho is that technology has made things too convenient now. Why go out and socialize when there’s an app for that? Why bother learning locations when you have gps and google maps? Why bother going to the supermarket when there’s an app for that?
    When I had stopped using facebook my friends thought I had either died or migrated. Then rely on facebook so much that only few actually called to check on me. I go to restaurants and everybody is on whatsapp/facebook and only stop to socialize when it’s time to order and ask for the bill. So sad.

  20. Yeah, this crap is hurting our industry too.

  21. When will people (in the USA) learn that USA is not equal with “The world”… When will people learn that each generation’s description of the “next generation” always was and always will be something like … “they’re gonna blow up the world / they’re stupid etc etc”. When will people learn that this “generation of idiots” were educated by … one hell of a generation of idiot parents. The kids usually grow up as an image of the way they were raised or of the parents and/or understood by the adults – loveless, contact-less, cold and shallow.

  22. I wasn’t loved by my parents either. But this did not make me stupid, nor shallow, nor cold etc etc. There’s no excuse for stupidity. For some, intelligence is a way to survive. For others stupidity serves the same purpose. And it serves them well, because they are the majority and they make the rules around here.

  23. @javi
    Well said!

  24. I can’t help but think this is all complete bollocks. We as a people have the horrible problem of looking at the past with rose tinted glasses, but when it comes to the current day we are the biggest pessimist and only see the bad things in everything. Of course when we look at things that way it seems like every generation is worse. Can someone name an actually bad song from the 60’s, maybe what stupid people did 30 years ago, oh how about how young people were getting much more pregnant 50 years ago than now.

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