Why Churches Don’t Have Free WiFi



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  1. Wasonceachristian May 17, 2017

    This reminds me….I’ve often wondered where God went. Its not nice to make lots of children and then abandon them for thousands of years. Anyone know the address of the Universe Child Protection Department? I want to report a case of child neglect by their father. Even my useless dad would break up fights among us….

    • Prince Leo May 17, 2017

      Since the invention of the camera he preferred to stop with the miracles.

    • Old Scratch May 18, 2017

      Uncle Luc has them now. The children prefer Uncle Luc as he is more fun, initially.

  2. Wasonceachristian May 17, 2017

    @Prince Leo – interesting comment. I once saw a photograph of a group of children who said they were seeing the Virgin Mary appearing in front of them. They were all looking in different directions. Therefore the photo proved it was a figment of their imagination rather than a real ‘sighting’.

  3. Kauf Buch May 17, 2017

    Mohammed, a pig and a dog walk into a brothel…

  4. Andrew Hendrix May 17, 2017

    LDS Churches have free wifi.
    The password is well known among church members, and works at almost every building in the world.

  5. So some churches do have free wifi where many keep some time without gadgets for spiritual contemplation.

  6. Binding Contracts and such May 18, 2017

    The USA Gov wifi for guests in govi buildings has a binding agreement to fill out for this “free” wifi and is 3 pages long. I have been told it requires obscene acts, death of your first born, surrender of your soul and other stuff, that’s what I was told I haven’t read it yet. Couldn’t be any worse the the u$ ULA?

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