Booze Won’t Make You an Extrovert


9 thoughts on “Booze Won’t Make You an Extrovert”

  1. Please note one, both, either or neither of these apply to females unless they individually wish them to apply or not apply as appropriate.

  2. So what? Drunk introvert is still an upgrade.

  3. Introvert. Extrovert.
    Extrovert. Introvert.
    Why does no one talk about MY people: the Pervert?

  4. Do you feel anxious and withdrawn at parties? Do you leave without having to find your clothes first? Do you wake up the next morning knowing you slept alone all night?
    Ask your doctor about new Tequila!

  5. Poor Kauf Buch. Need a place to talk?
    Not here.


  7. The myth dissuades folk from overindulging.
    You’re leak re reality is going to spoil all that !

  8. Im sorry I called you Alcohol without permission.

  9. No, and neither is drunk extrovert.

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