Dogs Intimidated by Cats



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  1. Bubba and Joe Bob December 16, 2016

    See, theres the problem. Outside dogs ain’t afraid of nothing, especially cats – all the way up to bobcats and lynxes. Inside dogs is too soft and are little p*ssies.

    • No, silly, the kittens are little pussies. The dogs are little puppies. Goodness me Bubba – didn’t you go to school?

    • Bubba and Joe Bob December 16, 2016

      Ms. Rose, me and J.B. spoke outta turn. we shouldna made fun of kitties and puppies. We’ll early to class next Monday. Wouldja like a apple?

    • PatronasKitty7 December 16, 2016

      Ms. Rose? Where did THAT name come from?

  2. Nosebeforehose December 16, 2016

    I think the dogs are just terrified of their own anticipated reaction to a possible feline attack – they’d just snap their necks like grissini.

  3. I just came here to find who the hot blond model fro Roadkilltshirts is

  4. Those poor dogs all look like hitlary supporters! Poor darlings just can’t take defeat! Awwwww……

  5. Great post! Cats > Dogs

  6. lol i wanted a dog but after seeing this post… i’m afraid of what my cat would doo to him/her

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