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  1. gobsmacked scientist July 30, 2017

    Even the creation of the devices pointed away from Earth is already quite a solid proof of intelligence existing on Earth, therefore it is unnecessary to seek it any further. These antennas did not emerge by themselves like mushrooms.

  2. Ed Warren July 30, 2017

    Many religions share a common concept of undead intelligent non corporeal beings that coexist on this planet with us that can also coexist in other realms. Hollywood and Bollywood make countless movies about this stuff, usually found under the Horror tab on Netflix.

    • That’s esoterism, not astrobiology. Fail.
      And don’t forget. If you have been stupid in life you’ll end up stupid in death and other realms.

    • East Anglia Climate Chage Unit July 31, 2017

      We too come to EatLiver for scientific enlightenment.

    • @EACCU, Scientia
      We at the Australia Weather Bureau love science too, and convert every 3rd character of an Eatliver comic byline to it’s ASCII equivalent add 15% and make it a temperature measurement in the outback.

    • OMG, the thermometer ist broken. Climate change is a hoax! Smash all thermometers to save the world.
      Climate change doesn’t mean that temperatures will rise everywhere in the world. It can result in some places being buried under ice while others will be deserts. Climate zones can shift, seasons be changed. It is possible it might result in a new ice age. Our climate was quite ballanced for some time now. The human influence could switch it to one extreme now. But there is no experience what that might be – fire or ice.

    • Bill Nye The Mechanical Engineering Guy August 2, 2017

      You need a mechanical engineering degree like I have before you can comment on AGW, Space Aliens and ghosties.

  3. Have you ever noticed that people who enjoy good humor are actually never returning to eatliver?

  4. Shakemyheadatstupidity July 31, 2017

    If aliens meet Kauf Buch first, they will move on in their search for intelligent life.

  5. Nothingsacred July 31, 2017

    I don’t think there is any “intelligent” life out there what with all the anal probing aliens are in to. Maybe they are just very concerned with colon cancer.

    • Maybe that’s just the class of aliens you attract, when you name your planet dirt.

    • Aliens must be terrified of cell phones. They haven’t abducted & probed anyone since the first selfie was snapped.

  6. Scott W Wood September 4, 2018

    “… and the reason all those telescopes aren’t finding any intelligent life in the universe is because we have them looking for life just like us!”

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