Add -ING To Any Movie Title. What Is It About Now?

6 thoughts on “Add -ING To Any Movie Title. What Is It About Now?”

  1. You know how you get that completely unexpected lulz that makes you laugh out loud sometime? “Pacific Rimming” was the one here.

  2. must admit that this was fresh and original… quality fun!

  3. Funny… on some subterrainian level.

  4. James Bond isn’t the Title of a film #fail However…..Skyfalling, Thunderballing, On Her Majesty’s Secret Servicing, Live and Let Dying, Octopussying, A View to a Killing, GoldenEyeing, Quantum of Solacing and of course…….Goldfingering :-)

  5. that last is my fave! DocTen rules! :D

  6. G O L D F I N G E R I N G . . .

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