How Many Times Did This Have to Happen Before They Put Up a Sign?

15 thoughts on “How Many Times Did This Have to Happen Before They Put Up a Sign?”

  1. I don’t think they mean eating the carpet on the floor

  2. Eating carpet is bad smoking sausage is fine. And everyone can munch on box.

  3. Kinda guessing that didn’t translate too well…..

  4. Yeah it’s a translation error, the Hindi message actually says, “Eating ON carpet IS strictly prohibited”. Perhaps the printer omitted the words on and is.
    FYI, in India people traditionally eat on floor (to respect the earth from which the food came from) so that’s why this sign was put up.

  5. It doesn’t make the sign wrong. If one starts to eat the carpet I’m sure the security would get called hehe.

  6. Thanks for the translation. You should change your name to The Indian Oracle. That is unless your mission is to help rule Middle Earth.

  7. Why do they have English “translation” for Hindi when everyone over there knows Hindi?

  8. Is this a spoon boy paradox.

  9. Name Change open my eyes lol now i will be an oracle (but still help rule Middle Earth).
    @Hein, yeah the security will be active on that matter but im curious about what will happen after 4 hours to that person who eats the carpet, i mean, what goes in must come out hahaha.
    @Reluctant Interlocutor the translation is for those who dont speak Hindi because there are many languages in India itself so they use the global language…. with a totally different sense lol

  10. …even with CHUTNEY?!?

  11. …straight into your arsehole :) with Tabasco

  12. Oh, Bauf, you really need to learn to llighten up.
    You’re a hardcore Leftist, right?!
    Watch more BOLLYWOOD…you’ll GET IT!!!
    Try (not joking) “3 Idiots”…one of my favorites, about genius-yet-goofy Engineers!

    LIGHTEN UP, or take GHOST PEPPERS up yours!

  13. Oooooh! That Tabasco hurt right? I see you are still wiping your bum-bums…poor soul got agitated so easily, thinking im a simple american who you could shout on…
    well let me tell you this, I’m fed up of all the shit you spoke on all the posts of this site, criticized people in every childish way possible, well now i am here for you.
    Bdw, i would like to prove to you that salt water is a good conductor of electricity, just where did i put my spoon?

  14. Mmmmm carpet

  15. Is it carpet munching still allowed then?

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