Stop Blaming USA For Everything!

Take a look at how India is polluting our planet!

28 thoughts on “Stop Blaming USA For Everything!”

  1. Easily checked, obviously false. Fake news lives!

  2. And that’s Africa. Nice.

  3. so what is the joke?

  4. Leave the poor Indians alone. They can’t help their Flatulence. You try eating Curry 3 meals a day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a years all your life & not Fast 2000 times a day…… In the US they eat McDonalds all the time & the result is all they do is produce a lot of Shite.

  5. I think I meant to say Fart

  6. Tee Hee Hee. Bum Bum said Fart. Ha Ha his name is Bum Bum…..Poo Poo Pee Pee Bot Bot…Ooooh what Jolly Fun.

  7. Nice troll.

  8. Fake !!!!!

  9. Americans won’t notice it. All they know is their 50whatever states and the moon. Only people in the world proud of never leaving home. Ever.

  10. Lol That’s Australia!

  11. In response to: “Americans won’t notice it. All they know is their 50whatever states and the moon. Only people in the world proud of never leaving home. Ever.”

    — In regards to traveling to other countries, you may wish to review the size of the U.S. as compared to most others countries. For example, Texas alone covers most of western Europe. In other words, a western European would need to travel to 8 countries just to cover the same acreage a Texan travels without leaving the state. Each state possesses exceptional uniqueness in terms of history, diversity, topography, culture, biodiversity, and climate/weather.
    Maybe travel to the U.S. and experience it before painting with such a broad brush. But, congratulations on making an ignorant statement while attempting to highlight ignorance in others. Good job.

  12. The continent pictured is about as important to the planet as Antarctica. At least Indians can write code.

  13. “183% times”
    Illiterate ****.

  14. Did you check?

  15. Anonymous foreigners are the joke.

  16. Anonymous foreigners from tiny little countries are the joke.

  17. Most Americans can’t even identify their own state on the map.

  18. @78 Jupiter- Americans need to stop reliving their former glory and wake up to the shithole their country is becoming.

  19. @Grooper
    Did you see our magnificent Cassini Space craft map the Saturn system (2017) and New Horizons photograph the Pluto system (2015)?

  20. You are proving the above-made point that Americans are ignorant of the world.

  21. Yes! I live in Australia!

  22. Bigger is just bigger, not better. If you travel thru 8 european countries once, you’ll see a lot more than when you travel thru Texas 25 times. As to the “diversity” and “history” of the US sates: yeah, right. You seriously need to travel a bit to find our how super ridiculous this statement is. You’ll see more diversity in each european capital alone than in all of the USA. The US states have different weather and different local snack favourites and that’s basically it. You can spend a lifetime in a city like Paris or Lindon or even Berlin and you will see something new and different every day. The only equivalent to a european town in thew USA is New York. All other places have maximum three segments: uptown., downtown and maybe something in between.

  23. Idiots. How can we believe you when you don’t know the difference between India and the continent of Africa?

  24. …just like this post…

  25. aaaa….. Trump haters. Just shows you what you know. The picture is of Africa, not India. Instead of pushing for all things liberal, go to school and learn something hey.

  26. Thats freaking africa!

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