OMG, I Almost Fell For These Illusions!



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  1. The worst of these illusions isn’t even shown here. It bears 50 stars.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much the anti American propaganda that liberals try to push everywhere.
      Anyway, we can see how good a country is by the amount of immigrants trying to go there. Which country is the most wanted for immigration? Yeah, I’ll let you answer that.

    • Hein, there are hardly any countries comparable to the USA on this planet given the size and number of population. Therefore, you may compare the US to Russia and I give you that, not many people want to migrate to Russia. What else? You mean more people want to migrate to the USA (united, huh? Seems pretty much divided, hence the “union” is an illusion, but I didn’t expect you to get that.) than to Luxembourg? Well, that doesn’t surprise me, but it has nothing to do with how good or bad Luxembourg is as a country.

    • Actually Hein is right. In many countries of Europe it is illegal to question the holocaust, which is directly a prohibition of free speech.

    • And this is good. It is protection against fake news and alternate facts.
      The bad version you see in Poland. There is a new law in the making. They want to throw everyone into jail who claims there were polish collaborators who worked with the nazis to kills jew. So Poland and no Pole can be made responsible for the holocaust or other attrocities. It were always the others. Germans, Russians, etc. They even want the law to be enforced in other countries. Rediculous, retarded, pis nationalists.

    • So it’s basicly more a tell-lies-or-die-in-prison-law than a cut-freedom-of speech-law.

    • @Dat Modern crematories aren’t capable of cremating at the rate that is claimed to have been done in eg. Auschwitz. The Nazis must have had some secret, forgotten technology to achieve that.

    • @Oh snap
      My guess is your fake facts producing holocaust deniers didn’t took in consideration (mostly on purpose, I guess) that the ovens in the concentration camp hadn’t to fullfill any environmental laws and it is known, that the bodies weren’t always cremated very well. Also people today have a much higher fat level than concentration camp prisoners. The more fat the lower the temperature must be or the oven may be damaged. So if you want to cremated as fast a a prisoner get on a diet.
      Ich know all this because I visited a modern crematorium 2 years ago. It takes longer in a modern crematorium but it is optimized to reduce toxic waste and the smoke is filtered.

  2. gobsmacked scientist January 27, 2018

    I like driving through the whole continent without the need of border stops and document checks. Also no need to exchange currency and you can work and live wherever you want with just a couple of pages of paperwork. The bad thing is, the “refugees” (of whom a very small part are actually escaping from some war) exploit all this quite badly. EU sure didn’t see that coming.

    • The Good German January 27, 2018

      Such things can be adjusted. EU is a great thing as long as the lobbyists and lunatics don’t get too much power. Like in the U.S..

    • The lobbyists have too much power already in Europe. And the lunatics try to take over, too.

    • And then he said: Europe is not controlled by bureaucratics and there’s no lobby.
      You don’t even have free speech in Europe. Even if your daughter is being abused by Muslims, you go to jail by raising your voice against them. Even the police fears criticizing Muslims.

    • BTW you know why you say USA is controlled by lobbies and Europe is not? Because the government is waaaaaaaaaay smaller here than in Europe. It gives the false impression that private corporations have more control than they really have (because you’re always comparing public vs private power).
      But indeed the public power in Europe is so big, that the corporations are able to hide behind it and control you by using a few bureaucrats that are not even from your own country (I.e. EU).
      You have regulations for everything, including the complex banking system or to produce simple pillows. Ever wondered why?

    • Because no one wants a shit hole like the US in Europe.

    • @Hein

      “You don’t even have free speech in Europe.”

      Really? You better visit us to check that, because your claim is fake news, an alternative fact that is only true in a parallel universe.

      “Even if your daughter is being abused by Muslims, you go to jail by raising your voice against them. Even the police fears criticizing Muslims.”

      Here in Europe we call people like you “liar” and/or “instigator”.

    • The Good German January 28, 2018

      Nice fiction, Hein. When will be able to buy your first novel?

  3. The old man on the mountain Alamut January 28, 2018

    “BTW you know why you say USA is controlled by lobbies and Europe is not? Because the government is waaaaaaaaaay smaller here than in Europe.”

    EU employees – 47 000, US government employees – 22 000 000
    Get your facts right Hein.

    • Totally uninformed voter January 28, 2018

      Can you break that down to per capita govt employees, cost per action, overall efficiency, and overall cost, US vs EU? I can’t be bothered looking at your links.

    • Unless you sum up EU employees + public employees por EU country, and then find the public employee per capita, your fact is BS. EU is part of the government, not the total.

  4. @anteater in Europe in general you can be arrested if “authorities” consider you have “hate speech”. What can be a good thing at first, is nothing but censorship to avoid speech of what who is in power don’t want you to have.

    Based on this “protection against hate speech” I already wrote my novel as as my fellow “Good” German asked:




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