If Women Ruled the World…

10 thoughts on “If Women Ruled the World…”

  1. Much much much … … better than killing each other, I think.

  2. She has a point.

  3. There will be wars twice a year for sales…

  4. Margaret Thatcher?

  5. They would nag each other to death.

  6. I’ve seen girls fight.
    Murrica would be a “oh no you didn’t. Here Canada. Hold my earrings gurrrl”

  7. There would probably be more wars because they gonna be catfighting over a man.

  8. Oh you mean sanctions?

  9. there would be more wars and with extremely silly reasons.

  10. There was some time in history when woman was in charge. There were much more aggresion than nowdays (at least i have read about that).

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