#LifeHack of The Day

12 thoughts on “#LifeHack of The Day”

  1. What if I (myself) am an idiot? What do I do then?

  2. Dragon Ball Super Episode 124

  3. I think that’s called “murder”.

  4. Hey, kauf or Hein. How about a vacation to the beach?

  5. Tell Trump that Obama could hold his head under water for ten minutes straight.

  6. Curious… This life hack is posted just after Kauf disappeared.

  7. Today’s quote: #releasethememo

  8. I bet Trump can hold his head longer under water than Obama can. That man is a god and he will safe America.

  9. :D
    We haven’t heard from Rattus as well

  10. Houdini could go about 4 minutes (hold his breath that is). No info on his other endurance records.

  11. Gnihhihihi!

  12. Replace “idiot’ with “SJW” and it also works.
    And you become a patriot.

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