Parenting Tip

7 thoughts on “Parenting Tip”

  1. My Pa would never do that to me.

  2. I never would let you keep as much as 30%.

  3. That has nothing to do with taxes. Whoever wrote this hasn’t understood the concept yet.

  4. …and then pay for their education with it?

  5. Yes, teach your children about tax. Have your children appoint you to provide military, infrastructure, health care, education, environmental, and other services to your children in exchange for a portion of their income, with the services to be rendered, and the portion of income allocated toward those services, to be determined ultimately by your children in accordance with their degree of involvement in the governance process.
    You’re welcome.

  6. Maybe poo will become a currency under president Drumpf.

  7. In Europe your parents eat 80% of your ice cream.

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