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  1. And to keep you in your seat during powerful turbulence/downdraft.

  2. Castillion April 16, 2015

    Not true. The seat belt is to stop you smashing your skull against the ceiling in the event of sudden turbulence.

  3. People might believe that.

  4. Just saying... April 17, 2015

    I gather some people have confused this site with Wikipedia today.

    • Sven VasDeferens April 18, 2015

      Ahhh, Wikipedia, perversion of truth, justice, and the crowd sourcing way.

  5. Sven VasDeferens April 18, 2015

    Why does everyone look like a cyberman?

  6. The truth is, the human body/ organs don’t handle the stresses in a 100+ MPH crash, even with seat belts.

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