Whiny Millennial Leftist Starter Pack

20 thoughts on “Whiny Millennial Leftist Starter Pack”

  1. Capitalism is the single best idea mankind has ever had.
    Who knew freedom could be so beautiful?

  2. The ability to *not* recognize such hypocrisy
    (Cognitive Dissonance)
    is a fundamental requirement
    for Leftists and other free-market haters.

  3. Reminds me of this video i saw yesterday: Left-wing anarchist rebel in washington protesting trump in a hoodie with a big red anarchy sign on it. Trump supporter goes by and gets attacked by anarchy rebels friend, trump supporter knocks him flat out. Anarchist rebel realising the trump guy is too big, then ignores his own shirt and shouts for the police nearby to arrest him. When they ignore him and instead arrest his friend for the attack, anarchist rebel starts chanting “police state, police state!”.. They’re just pathetic.

  4. I bet the tiny leftist anarchist rebel chanter doesn’t even know how to paste a link.

  5. But getting punched in the face IS anarchy! Leftist anarchist doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  6. Here’s a video I Can provide a link to of a (former) Tory MP attempting to make the same point as this and getting appropriately short shrift from those capable of thinking a bit:

  7. @cafcaf, video was here but youtube or uploader removed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHC-qwXVe7U
    -which offcourse by the rules of anyone triggered on the internet means it never happened. (still did tho)

  8. Context and nuance are lost on a people whose driving emotions are fear and anger.

  9. No, the donuts is the best idea mankind ever had.

  10. You do realize that are just some unrelated pictures from the internet, not a left liberal manifest?

  11. Reality check – you getting agitated about some random images from the Internet.
    Look under google.
    The second image – put in “women drinking Starbucks” – image comes up number 11.
    The third image – put in “women eating McDonalds” – image comes up number 5.
    The forth image – put in “man hugging xbox” – image comes up number 1.

  12. What about toilet paper? THAT was a really, really good idea!

  13. Are obsessed or something? You sound as if you could do with a nice little exorcism. Ask your local priest for details and support!

  14. Anarchy. A concept often confused with anomie. Look it up, really.

  15. Yeah anteater, toilet paper is great as well. And beer. Donuts, beer and toilet paper and you have an awesome party!

  16. All of those ideas are great and all of them came to be a part of our lives from capitalism.

  17. As long as they are against Trump everything is in order. That’s for sure. That’s all that matters.

  18. @the bad german: That seems to be a private video. It is not the same thing is removing. By the way, people of your kind are the ones that act triggered on this page.

  19. Nope people used to clean their buts and boze when they build pyramids. Saw that on discovery channel.

  20. Excellent point!

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