How To Become Your Own Grandpa

15 thoughts on “How To Become Your Own Grandpa”

  1. Willie’s version is best.

  2. Yer frm Arkansas ain’t-cha?

  3. I just married my grandma, done deal…

  4. the only mother is your genetic mother

    So; this joke is from 1947. Eatliver is a prime archaeological site…

  6. I recall it goes something like this : »Inspired by an anecdote that has been published periodically by newspapers for well over 150 years. The earliest citation was from the Republican Chronicle of Feces, New York on April 24, 1822« REPOST MUCH? In other news, one word in the citation has been changed to something that usually smells… Enjoy the wordpuzzle !

  7. I think you are not only your grandpa. Just think this, you are your grandpa, so your father become the father of your grandpa, you are the father of your mom inlaw/meanwhile your daughter, and then you should be the grandpa of your grandpa.. And your father is the father of …Oh, there is no end..

  8. It’s the Appalachian family tree.

  9. Sweet Home Alabama.

  10. what, that’s illegal

  11. This is possible

  12. not in the middle east :-)

  13. No he becomes the step brother an father she just his step mom

  14. wooooow

  15. H O W

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