Who Would Win?



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  1. Nothingsacred September 8, 2017

    “Who would win?” That depends on the contest. If it’s a “who can stay quiet the longest” my monet is on the people praying.

  2. Flossy McHookerpants September 8, 2017

    I am amused how this site thinks people are too stupid to realize that they are instigating comments with confrontational politics and religion posts. Everybody loves confrontation on the internet and they know it which is why the posts have become so polarizing lately. It is working though and bringing in more traffic so they got that going for them.

  3. Well…. on long term, the100 million prayers will win if they were truly honest, and the person will his best to carbon neutral, start planting trees in damaged forests… just think if 1 in 100 of those 100milion people plant 1.000.000 trees tomorrow, in 10-15 years weather will be much more nicer….

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter September 8, 2017

      But they won’t. Because the bible says nothing about climate change. Therefore it doesn’t exist… Weather isn’t made by trees but by little angels blowing the winds.

    • “if 1 in 100 of those 100milion people plant 1.000.000 trees tomorrow, in 10-15 years weather will be much more nicer….”

      Yeah, cause countries with a lot of jungle never gets any storms or floods or anything, it’s just nice weather all year round. Way back when the earth was 99% rainforest (think about that name for a second) and not a single car og factory existed, there was never any big climate changes either, like ice-ages lasting for thousands of centuries. Because trees you know.

    • Hahaha, Moron. Because there was natural climate change there can’t be one caused by humans. That not logic, thats stupidity.

  4. The only thing a hundred million prayers will do is create more wind.

  5. Not a fair contest. Prayer doesn’t do anything.

  6. True American Too September 10, 2017

    Depends on what the 100 million prayers are for, right? Maybe they are praying for Hillary to defeat Trump. Oh wait…

  7. Eat Liver used to be much more amusing than this. I guess all the genuinely funny stuff must have already been posted if things have gotten this desperate…

  8. Now replace them with Muslims praying and the leftists will be pissed with the joke.

    • Love it! Christians praying are worthless, but muslims praying are “to be respected”. Typical leftist view. Even when those muhomadens are praying for their destruction, leftists will defend them.

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