Huge Dogs That Think They’re Still Puppies



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  1. Gotta love dogs.

  2. Mr. Truffles September 4, 2014

    It’s not the dogs, it’s their owners who let them do this shit.

  3. Dark Stanley September 4, 2014

    oh there he is … the discipline guy

  4. Really, Eat Liver? We’re going with Marmaduke jokes now?

  5. That guy in the 3rd pic from buttom… why is he holding his phone that way? Does he take the pic with a front camera? If yes, why in a mirror??

  6. Mr. Truffles September 5, 2014

    Because he’s an iRetard. What kind of a moron has a photo of a race car in their bathroom?

  7. Gary Goldberg September 5, 2014

    Sh!t Ubu, sh!t. Good dog.

  8. ahahahah..look wierd in an ordinary face

  9. Every dog I have ever owned reguardless of their size has laid on my lap when I sat down to relax. The increased my relaxing….JT

  10. If you don’t own a irish wolfhound you don’t know nothing about having 90 kg lapdog.

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