How To Get People To Comment On You’re Post

26 thoughts on “How To Get People To Comment On You’re Post”

  1. Its Your not you’re

  2. It’s “it’s” not “its”

  3. My thoughts have been provoked. And now, they’re coming for vengeance…

  4. Thank you Captain.

  5. What an great chart.

  6. Should be “make miner typo”

  7. How to get people to comment on I am post?

  8. great staff

  9. Your trolling is good. “You’re” is obvious, but “typographical” is work of a true master.

  10. It’s ‘what an grate chart’.

  11. Hooked!

  12. there are no “minor” errors. Errors either are or not to be, that is the question…

  13. OK, people, the chart indicates 200 + comments. There are only 12 as I submit this counting mine. You’re falling behind.

  14. What’s wrong with contour maps?

  15. The typology isn’t graphical enough.

  16. I’m just commenting to try to get this over 200. Everyone needs to do there part.

  17. don’t forget “post something negative about yourself.”

  18. Here we go, soon to reach 200!

  19. with you

  20. Typographical is used and spelled correctly here…

  21. icwutudidthar

  22. It’s all so typecal.

  23. @Person: you walked right into it. It’s called trolling.

  24. I lav yer sense of humer

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