How To Deal With Junk Mail



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  1. This really doesn’t hurt the company, just the poor letter carrier and the already hurting postal service, they get paid a flat fee by these junk mail companies. Don’t be a jerk.

    • You goober . This is justice. Stop feeling sorry for underworked overpaid union government workers

    • Free and Fake American September 8, 2014

      Damn communists. Enslaving workers is freedom. Are you an enemy of freedom? If so you are an enemy of the US.

  2. To anybody who works for the post office, that is clearly just an envelope taped onto a box. More than likely, the post office wouldn’t even accept it. If they did, the clerk working the BRM account where the package is going would know that business doesn’t get parcels through the BRM account, and more than likely wouldn’t charge them. The only thing this accomplishes is wasting USPS man-hours. It’s also mail fraud, which is a felony(so like, 20 years in prison).

    • What if I put a steel plate in that envelope?

    • Also USPIS. Don’t mess with the postal inspectors because they are armed and have license to go postal.

    • European Superhuman September 7, 2014

      20 years in prison for putting rocks in a cardboard box? Are you serious? o_0

    • @LandLord: It might work. Since this is an account I’m assuming only for credit card applications, 99.9% of the letters that come to them are only going to be an ounce or two. I’m guessing any more than 13 ounces wouldn’t get through.
      @European: Well, no. The 20 years is for using the USPS to defraud a business. And that’s the maximum. I’m no lawyer, but I can’t imagine someone doing this would actually get the maximum penalty.

  3. I knew someone who would put the pamphlets without their name back in the envelope & drop it in the mail. It made them feel better & no harm/no foul to the USPS.

  4. ask for a jury trial, every juror would probably think this is okay to do…

  5. this is so old…. and this wouldn’t work… my dad works for the Post Office and says that the included postage paid reply envelope is for just that, the reply, a letter less than 1 ounce when returned. the post office wouldn’t even accept this package because its outside of the limits of the postage paid acceptance limits. you’re not going to hurt anyone but your back carrying that box in and out of the post office.

    • Not if your mama would carry it for me. That would be sweet, when she comes back crying and sweating, I would laugh so hard.

    • @Anonymous
      heh. You made me laugh. nice reply.

    • @Anonymous…
      wow, mama jokes, i feel like im in the 3rd grade again. the Internet is hopeless

  6. Sending back the reply envelop is always a good idea… Empty or filled with flower, ’cause we don’t want to hurt anyone, do we?

  7. Doesn’t work, morons, so stop circulating it. The carrier won’t even take the box. The postage is pre-paid for an envelope, not a package.

  8. Forget the package… put all of the junk they mailed you into the return envelope and drop itin the nearest mailbox. Done…point made. If they get enough of these, maybe the
    y’ll quit wasting so much money on harassing people with their junk mail.

  9. I wonder how many geniuses tried to do this…

  10. Considering the envelopes do not have a return address, I wonder how USPS would know who to press charges?

  11. Fill with glitter

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