Intelligence: Dogs vs. Cats

How smart are pets?

119 thoughts on “Intelligence: Dogs vs. Cats”

  1. Which is 5 times higher than the average Democrat

  2. give me a dog or a cat any day ,humans are stupid .

  3. The prophet liked cat because cleaningness is next to godliness

  4. Dogs are very smart and loving.
    I need my dog , he’s my best friend
    and gives more than he needs
    Politics aren’t the subject you
    dumb F.

  5. Cats are solitary hunters and bury their poop so the prey does not know they are in the area. Dogs are pack hunters and cover a wider range when hunting so hiding poop is not important. BTW have you ever heard of a dog climbing up inside of a engine compartment when it got cold and getting messed up? I think we have a winner here.

  6. Congratulations!! You are the gold star award winner of the day

  7. Cat people are the worst.

  8. Too true!!!

  9. A decile is 10% of the population you are talking about.

  10. Only a dumb liberal would ruin a good discussion by dragging their hate for a president that is so much better then anything the dumbo’s have produced since JFK. GO SUCK A EGG OR A DEMO CANDIDATE.

  11. This was about dogs and cats not brats!!

  12. I like your analogy!

  13. Cats are brats

  14. I love it! I laughed so much!

  15. no

  16. Says a biased person… but I will respect your opinion. Have a nice day.

  17. I thought this was about dogs vs cats, not about giving wrong info

  18. *cries in corner*

  19. AHAH

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