House Your Day Going, Peasants?

If you know someone who is tired of modern life that’s filled with various chores and advanced technology, show them this picture of a much simpler time.

We cannot pay. These taxes are unfair. You talk a lot of shit for someone with such a flammable house.

12 thoughts on “House Your Day Going, Peasants?”

  1. Atheist: don’t make me climb down from this horse and set whimple on fire – eunuch priest there can’t protect you.

  2. Here in Brittania not flammable, but houses are easy to get into and people are saddled with misdirected politeness so taking stuff away and pushing them around is still easy. We then make shows around it to double the fun. hashtagpoorp0rn

  3. God gave him the right to burn, rape and take slaves. God’s laws only apply to the poor.
    That’s why theists are the hipocrits and atheists are the righteous people.

  4. British houses are not easy to break into and Brits are no.push over.
    We’re allowed to use reasonable force to defend ourselves and our property.
    If you try and break into my house I’ll beat the s*** out of you then call the police and have you arrested.
    Unlike the Divided States Of America burglers in the UK never carry guns as being caught with a gun means an almost guaranteed 10 year jail.sentence.

  5. Why is the dude on a horse an atheist? Why assume this is a bucolic scene from Britain? Why does eat liver keep regurgitating the same pics?

  6. You mind your house, we’ll mind ours…

  7. It’s rare to hear that someone has done as much as raise their voice to a High Court Enforcement Officer whilst they’re on your house on their high horse, let alone lay a finger on them. If you did what you say and the police got involved then you’d really start longing to be somewhere like the pic above.

  8. Silly sods…the lot of you.

  9. @Baba Ak If your useless generations could use the internet for what it was made for you’d, like myself, had discovered that this is a scene depicting the 5th century A.D. in England during the Anglo-Saxonian invasion. (Simplified for you.) All that in less than a minute.
    You are welcome.

  10. This site has really bad trolls! You see the trick to trolling is to be smart, but look really dumb! Not the other way around!

  11. @GenX, I am English, and I’m guessing you’re an Amerimutt based on your hilarious use of “Saxonian”.

  12. @Baba Ak spawn
    Actually I’m not. And I’m not a native speaker – mistakes happen. So your grammar nazi attack is pointless.

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