Lithuanian Guy Paints His House Like an Adidas Tracksuit


This house is located in a small Lithuanian town Sujainiai. When asked why, owner explained that he decided to paint it like this, because he grew up wearing Adidas tracksuits and wanted to show his lifelong appreciation for this brand and give something back.


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  1. Here in denmark the only one who wear adidas tracksuits are arab gangs, junkies, and white trash criminals. It’s basically like having a tattoo on your forehead saying “arrest me”.

    • I’m pretty sure the same is true for Lithuania.

    • Italiano Medio November 20, 2015

      All eastern Europe is like that. In Latvia you can easily spot the Russians immigrants because most of them wear Adidas. I wonder if the clothes are “genuine” though.

    • Yank across the seas and such November 21, 2015

      I heard Lithuania has good potato recipes?
      I know you are from Denmark and all that, but it’s kinda all like the same thing over their, Finland – Denmark and all that, can you introduce me to Tarja?

    • Although many yanks believe that scandinavia is more or less the same, there are actually local differences between the countries. For instance, in denmark tarja would be considered a man who ain’t fooling anybody.

    • Just like in the USA!

  2. As the stripes may look quite decorative on that house, the choice of colour is quite questionable… What is that? Faecal-brown?

  3. What’s with the roof. looks one step above a blue plastic tarp.

    • It’s refurbished. As the facade is insulated in a modern way I guess the inner parts of the roof are too. The shingles look new, as do the windows. This is not one of those brittle american cardboard homes. This one conserves energy, lowers heating costs and saves the environment now.

    • Only Al Gore’s houses use too much energy.

  4. Glad you’re all feeling superior.

  5. Latvian Guy Paints His Car in as package of salted sunflower seeds. That is also a correct statement!

  6. “he wanted to… give solething back”…Give what back? And to whom?

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