Horrible First Date Featured Live on Twitter


Canadian blogger Anne T. was in a Toronto coffee shop when she overheard a date dipped in so much douchebaggery, she actually live-tweeted the whole spectacle. Enjoy…


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  1. For the sake of this discribed girl I hope this story is full fake. No one should experience such a situation.

    • No one? Even Hitler?

    • Naw, Im pretty sure its true… I had a buddy that had this happen….

    • Lazier Than Thou July 29, 2015

      Not even Hitler deserves awkwardness. That’s just going too far.

    • Ok, Hitler should. Or Stalin. But they were no girls… They should have dated each other.

    • Yeah, whoa! Not even HITLER?!

    • @Lolfosor
      Implying Hitler wasn’t awesome and charizmatic with ladies.
      Heck.. all his speeches revolve around interests of everyone and saving everyone – you, and you and you. Not himself. He was just a tool, a voice and nothing more.
      There’s jsut too many people attributing Incredible charizma to him, that I really don’t doubt he would seem like a swell dude if I met him in person.
      (Not that I support war. I just like leadership ideas)

    • @Lolfosor
      I am Hitler, why do you belittle me online?
      Online defamation suit incoming!

  2. ‘I never much cared about the little things’

  3. Anne, do you know the concept of “privacy”, you cis-fem-scum?

    • Privacy in a public place? Dr. D, do you know the concept of “irony”, you indignant, condescending ass-monkey?

  4. This is a funny twitter story. Maybe it’s real, we don’t know.

  5. Professional Handshaker July 30, 2015

    Rule number one: never date a hipster. They date themselves.

  6. Never date a furry. They mate themselves.

  7. A writer writes about a writer douchebag caricature and sweet innocent maiden trope.

  8. TWITTER OWNERS… I can’t even… how can she sit in this place and write this whole stroy instead of just telling it to her friends?

  9. Reality Check July 31, 2015

    The only way this could be any more blatantly made up is if it was attached to a pitch to a second-rate sketch comedy show. :P

  10. Of course it’s fake. She’s one of the public shaming extreme feminists. Her claim to fame is being friends with Steph Guthrie, the one who’s trying to get a dude who disagreed with her on Twitter locked up for 6 months. Anne defended her claiming you can face harassment even if you’re never threatened, sexually harassed ( as testified by the detective working the case ), or even meet in person, and cites Joe Rogan for retweeting the news story as being a leader of a misogynistic army. She’s whackdoodle. These tweets are almost as made up as her article.

  11. I may not be pretty, or in the best shape I’ve ever been in but do you want to know why my fiancée loves me so much? Because I pay attention.

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