Terribly Designed Products


18 thoughts on “Terribly Designed Products”

  1. All this is, is rather bad CG
    And not that funny too …

  2. It’s amateurish indeed, but I think that it’s the idea that matters.

  3. This Brush is just perfect to clean myself while in bed

  4. The new site design should have been pictured here too.

  5. It just needs good marketing and the products are gonna be bestsellers.

  6. Put an Apple logo somewhere, some idiot will buy them.

  7. i just hate these stuff

  8. most funny thing is the comment with the apple logo…

  9. muhaha….

  10. I wash myself with a rag on a stick…

  11. I thought it was funny

  12. these are all artworks, intentionally designed poorly…

  13. Totally agree. Easiest formula is to get this to the hipsters and watch them products take off. I can totally see them rocking those oh-so-not-awesome chairs.

  14. it’s not CG, it is from an art exhibition… and thus it is not ‘worst deigned things’ as the title tells… I liked the OLD eatliver better… it was much more fun *sigh*

  15. love this

  16. Put an Apple logo on them, and Samsung and Microsoft will reveal identical “innovations” a half year later.

  17. I Wold like to try and use them and see how long it Wold take for me to go in insane :)


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