Dogs Are Hopeless at Hide and Seek

5 thoughts on “Dogs Are Hopeless at Hide and Seek”

  1. Most of these if not all of them are a result of, “Bad Doggy!” Dogs and people react in the same way after doing something wrong – well, some people.

  2. Why waste time looking at dogs?
    Cats > Dogs

  3. yeah I was getting the same feeling from photos…most of them are fear reactions…and there is only one reason for that, they have been beaten and yelled at…..and we have 4 rescues and none of them hides from us like these is terrified of other people because of prior abuse but does not hide from us

  4. Gee, thanks eatliver! We never saw these before! At least not for a couple hours!

  5. Where’s Bubba telling us how “dogs is outside animals”?

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