Here’s a Dollar For Your Honesty, Sir

5 thoughts on “Here’s a Dollar For Your Honesty, Sir”

  1. True, honesty *is* valuable (except hen she asks if she looks fat in that dress!).
    The beggars who really get my goat
    are the ones with signs about wanting
    either food or a job BUT
    if you offer them the food in your hand or your business card,
    they reject the offer or throw it to the ground
    (yes, both have happened).

  2. I agree with Kauf Buch – I once had a beggar ask me for money for food and when I offered him food instead of money he told me to f… off. I also saw two men harassing a young woman for money – she gave them some – but they had cans of beer in their hands….

  3. I hate able-bodied beggars and give them nothing but my contempt. Who raises these dipsh**s who think it is acceptable to panhandle on the streets? Spoiled effing losers! In midwest USA, I am seeing help wanted signs everywhere, yet these freeloading deadbeats are everywhere also. I have NO sympathy for them. Get a job! Yes, your hands will hurt, yes, your back will ache, but your conscience will be clear, and your character will improve. Give it a try! I love telling beggars “NO”

  4. Amen

  5. Once when walking around downtown Dallas on a Sunday morning, my brother and I came across an elderly gentleman asking if we could spare a dollar. My brother looked at him and said “What will you do for it?” The man looked at him oddly and said “What?”. My brother said “Do something to earn it. Entertain me. Sing a song, do a dance, tell a story, just do something.” The man just turned and walked away. My brother told me that he would have given him five dollars if he would have just done something, anything, but apparently the man did not wish to earn his money.

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