Right In Front Of Our Eyes The Whole Time


First evidence of Trump not caring at all about children separated from their families.


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  1. And his hands are as small as Kevin’s.

  2. So that’s where libs’ hate for Trump comes from.
    They were kids that grew up with the idea Trump didn’t help properly their childhood idol. Nowadays their childhood drama kicks in and makes them behave like children again.

  3. Paul Frazer June 24, 2018

    These are the daycare children. In daycare you have to scream and yell to get attention. So they are out there screaming and yelling thinking that’s how it works. It doesn’t. It’s blowing up in their faces and it histarical to watch.

  4. The observations proof it. The fantasy of rightard lunatics is infinite. Too bad it can’t be harness it as a power source or something else good. It would lead to WMDs anyway I’m afraid. The Dumb Bomb.

  5. Stonecold June 24, 2018

    trump, just making all his dreams come true

  6. Paul Frazer June 25, 2018

    Righttards. Libtards. One in the same. It’s Globalism vs Nationalism winner takes all. Globalist corporate slavery or Nationalist freedom. You pick. Left or right is meaningless.

    • So caring for your country and being free is equal to being a slave? That’s some libtard logic right there.

    • That freedom nationalists promise you is also a lie. Always has been. No one cares for your freedom. They all care only for themselves.

    • Haha, poor dat doesn’t realize the utter irony in his post.

    • Read it again.

  7. The Lone Wonderer June 26, 2018

    Is this about the 1500 kids that got “lost” by the government?
    Because if so, that’s a bullshit story. Those kids got reassigned to family members that moved the second they got custody. They are not lost, they are being hidden by their own families because they’re afraid of the government.

  8. Except he was actually giving Kevin directions when all the other adults in the movie were totally ignoring him, chasing him, or trying to kill him.

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