“Global Warming Is a Chinese Hoax!”


38 thoughts on ““Global Warming Is a Chinese Hoax!””

  1. Nature doesn’t care about Trump.

  2. The world doesn’t care about HOAXES…

  3. @Kauf Buch
    US has no wealth. We owe China $1.092 trillion. Do you understand that number?
    And that’s only China.
    We (US) are 3rd world country, and you better accept this as soon as possible.

  4. And who will suffer under climate change the most? … 3rd world countries.
    You are digging your own graves, Kauf Buch. I myself am old enough to notice the signs of changes in climate since my youth.

  5. How come Florida isn’t underwater yet?

  6. @American In Vienna: And that’s just how Trump and the fascist 1% wants it.

  7. Really? Because Key West is only 18 ft. above sea level and that’s the highest elevation in the Keys. So how many have Keys have disappeared so far?

  8. @American in Vienna: and when we say we need to decrease government size, cut welfare, pursue jobs and enterpreneurship in order to avoid this public debt, you – leftist American-self-hater communist – say it’s a bad idea.
    FWIW global warming may not be a hoax, but China pushes environmental politics that they don’t care to implement themselves. In the end, what Trump says isn’t completely wrong.

  9. miami IS flooding and has been for 2 years. roads are being elevated and a 40 million dollar pumping system is being installed. wake up, foo.

  10. Kauf Buch and Hein, seeing that both of you have the same education level (which is generally knows as “no education at all”), could it be that you are a (closet) gay couple? That is how the two of you come across, but never mind, as long as you restrict your activity to you respective flats/houses you are free to do whatever you wish.

  11. Miami is sinking because water is being pumped from the aquifer as the city increases in population. Sea level rising only occurs during King Tides and storm surges.

  12. @Hein
    The U.S. Federal budget deficit (one you talk about) and U.S. foreign debt (currently $19.9 trillion) are two different hings. You know that, right?

    You all conveniently forget the debt OTHER NATIONS (e.g. China) have.
    “Third World.” “Fascist.”
    You can GLADLY never step foot again in the USA.
    Good Goosestepper, climate DOES change!
    That’s why they call it Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
    The rest is a SCAM to surrender countries’ sovereignty.
    You and your cohorts are either dupes or WILLINGLY ABETTING this takeover.

  14. Don’t wrestle with the pigs:
    you’ll only get dirty and they just enjoy the mud.
    It’s what pigs (like American in Vienna, Good German, Zelda, anteater, j) DO.

  15. Your lack of education is disturbing. Facts won’t go away just because you use a louder voice. It doesn’t even work for Trump. No one is trying to take away your sovereignty. Everyone is trying to save your asses ’cause you don’t seem to notice they are floating away…

  16. We place absolute confidence in the United States. We believe the landmass is unsinkable.

  17. @Kauf Buch
    Which part of US are you from?

  18. @Kauf Buch:
    External debt per capita:
    Liechtenstein = $0
    North Korea = $200
    Uzbekistan = $500
    China = $1,000
    US = $56,000
    These are facts. OK? Can you grasp the concept of “fact”?
    Every (!) US citizen owes $56.000 to some foreign country. Do you understand this? And no capital letters will change this. Yes? OK.

  19. Still waiting for a proof humans are responsible of THIS climate change (hope you know the climate change since… always… even long before humans).
    This climate change is just bulshit.
    Either humans are responsible and we MUST declare war to pigs like China and India (which were responsible of more than 80% of pollution in 2016), or we are not responsible of climate change and stop trying to tax us for this! Your call.

  20. If we look at the data per capita, we must declare war on the USA.

  21. The Good German is JUST THAT: after WWII, a “good German” was known to be the passive coward who always believed the “party line”…GOOSESTEPPER, you are the textbook definition of a DUPE, a DHIMMI.

  22. AiV, enjoy your Sacher Torte in a Sackerl for me, will ya?
    Then go jump in the Donau and stay at the bottom.

  23. Get ready to be attacked as a heretic!
    The Leftist trolls here are LOUD…but funny and harmless!

  24. I’m so intelligent: I repeat everything every left media tells me to. And I self hate me because I don’t fit in any pitty minority the left media recognizes as victim.
    I believe all productive people are the cause of the poverty of unproductive ones. I say debt is too high but I support spending more than producing because working is for bad people, good people believe in taking from the workers and giving for free to others.
    I’m so altruistic with other people’s wealthy. I’m the most good guy in the world.

  25. Looks like a Coyote paddling a customer across the Rio Grande.

  26. I’m so intelligent: I repeat everything every right-winged media tells me to. And I hate everyone because they fit in every filthy minority the right-winged media recognizes as perpetrator.
    I believe all unemployed people are the cause of the could-be-more wealth of the rich ones. I say debt is to be ignored and I support spending more than producing because paying back is for stupid people, smart people believe in taking from the poor and giving for free to the rich.
    I’m so egoistic with other people’s wealthy. I’m the most good guy in the United States in America, God’s own country, ‘murica!

  27. You are right, climate has changed long before humans, but what you turn a blind eye on is that it didn’t change in such a short time (unless a big catastrophe has occurred like the impact of a very large meteorite).
    Also, whilst I don’t really want to defend any big polluters, the per capita pollution of China and India is well below that of many western countries such as the USA, Germany and so on.
    Furthermore, as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong), China was accountable for 29 % of pollution in 2016. According to your maths that would leave India with 51 % of world-wide pollution. Just out of curiosity, do you have any reliable source to prove this? I think it is wide of the mark.

  28. The big Trumpasaurus didn’t care about the meteorite hoax the left-winged Pteromedion told him 64 million years ago. Look where it got him.

  29. Whilst it may appear that the Trumpasaurus is an artefact of a time long gone, a fossil, he actually is as much a human being as you and me. With the big difference, of course, that his intellectual and psychological disposition are rather a case for a psychiatry than for a presidency.

  30. I’m Dat, I’m a typical brainless leftist. If you don’t agree with left agenda, I will tell you hate everyone because that’s what CNN told me. If you criticize pedophilia, I’ll call you islamophobic. If you value hard work and non authoritarian government, I’ll say you don’t like poor people, indeed I worship poor people and hate hard workers.
    You may even be atheist like Hein, but if you don’t agree with left agenda, you’re religious nut. You may even be black like Hein, but if you don’t agree with left agenda you’re white supremacist. You may even be born poor like Hein, but if you study and work like he supposed to, you’re bastards oppressor and you deserve to pay 200% of taxes for welfare.
    I’m Dat. I just repeated what CNN
    told me to and I think I’m smart.

  31. Wow! You actually googled “what is Vienna famous for”
    I’m proud!

  32. Haha, fail. I haven’t watched CNN since the first Iraq war. The rest you wrote, Hein, is too stupid. You ridicule yourself. Anteater was right about you.

  33. Small Hands are still a trait of this species.

  34. No facts, just “you are too stupid”. That’s the left logic =}

  35. @ kauf buch
    The US Military prepares for the changes that come with climate change. You may agree that the us-military isn’t exactly on the left liberal side.

  36. @murphy it’s stupid denying global warming, but it’s even more stupid focusing on developed countries while China, the major polluter, is not even forced to follow the environmental agreement if they play the “social” card.

  37. China is funding clean power and taking the lead on renewably energy technologies. They want to get rid of poluting energy sources. – USA builds coal power plants.

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