Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food



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  1. I guess that is the reason so many people starve in some countries. They cannot eat without taking a picture first and they don’t have a camera.

  2. How do I hang out with these people where to find em?

  3. Generation U. For useless.

  4. Next: Pictures of people taking photos of hipsters taking photos of food.

  5. What if I told you that if someone sees beauty in something simple, let them do it, and live your dull gray life without teaching others how to live.

    Eatliver sucks **** 90% of times they post something “funny”, but we don’t exactly doxx their servers and try to bring them down for their stupidity. There are always people who enjoy this and not that.

    • The sound of loud applause 👏

    • I agree~~ I love taking photos of the food when I travel, my students love to see what other countries offer for food. from a simple snack, junk food or the sometimes special occasions.
      I also share photos of traditions, animals and more.
      I don’t take 30 minutes to photograph a hamburger haha
      but yes, there is no harm to anyone around when someone snaps a photo of food. And no… not everyone puts them on instagram and facebook… (I have no social media)

      and well… everyone finds different things funny… as long as no animals (or children) were harmed~~ I’m ok with others enjoying themselves

    • As a decades-long member of the restaurant industry, the trend of taking food really is a double edged sword.

      On one hand, the idea that there is now a high probability of a guest taking picture of a plate forces establishments to take extra care with their presentation. I think this is great! I have witnessed mid-to-higher end restaurants go from meticulous plating to being lax and back again.

      On the other hand, studies have been done that show that since taking pictures of food has become popular, complaints about dishes as well as waiting times have increased greatly. 10 years ago, guests would usually begin eating as soon as they were served. Nowadays, many guests spend an extra 10-30 minutes per seating, taking pictures of each dish that comes out and subsequently letting the food get cold/melt etc and making new guests wait longer to be seated.

    • but they are not doing that for the beauty of the picture..they are doing it for the acclaim of others “look at my food, isn`t it awesome!!”…they they sit back and wait for the “likes” to roll in….they are addicted

  6. Bum Bum the Clown September 24, 2018

    I travel for food but i don’t take photos of it. FFS just eat it

  7. Needs more meta – i want pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of food

  8. So that’s what BBQ looks like up north?

  9. What’s the point of dragging a DSLR around if you don’t have decent lenses for it?

    “Look at me, I got a big camera. But I don’t know how to use it or know which part of the equipment that is important”

  10. This is why we will win.

  11. Are hipsters still a thing?

  12. I’ve taken only a few food pics. Sourdough pancakes at the Talkeetna Roadhouse in Alaska (the pancakes are huge), a kahlua pig on Kauai and a few things in Peru. But a pic of a bowl of green slop or fries and a quarter chicken? That better have been some memorable green slop.

  13. Bitch has an actual camera. They still make those?

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