Hipster Barbie Parody Profile Mocks Annoying Instagram Hipsters


Hipster barbie Instagram account hilariously mocks the stereotypical, unoriginal, and tremendously “authentic” posts that we often see on Instagram.


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  1. Almost as painful as Instagram…

  2. Why hipster? All sort of attention seeking people post almost any shit they do (or take) on one social media platform or another. Getting “likes” seems to be the new “I do things, because I am convinced that they are good.” or “I do this or that because I think it’s fun” not carrying one bit whether or not someone else notices the deed. Jeez, those attention seekers are so annoying, and boring, of course. All they are is in love with themselves, but yet they aren’t at the same time seeking for confirmation all of the time. I should have studied psychology. There is a never ending, but ever growing pool of paying patients out there.

    • Bubba and Joe Bob September 10, 2015

      Say anteater are something kinda like a armodilla? Just sayin’ here, but seems to JB an me that all that talk you jest made is sorta like what you was talkin’ about. Jest had to git your two sents worth in diddnja?

    • Bubba, you may help me on that one: What the feck is a armodilla? I really don’t know.
      Erm, yeah, sure. My real name actually is Anteater and now everyone who knows me or who doesn’t know me can read about my opinion. Not.
      You see the difference here, don’t you? If not, try to see it from some kind of philosophical point of view. The stuff I wrote is not about me (or my real me that doesn’t go by the name of Anteater).
      By the way, do you know the concept of placing a mirror in front of someone’s face? Guess you do, because that is what you tried to do here with me, while completely failing to see that it is exactly what I tried to do. Think!

  3. The Lone Wonderer September 10, 2015

    I hate this new generation of young adults….

  4. a·dult
    noun: adult; plural noun: adults
    1. a person who is fully grown or developed.

    I am not certain the “new generation” qualifies. Then again, I couldn’t reasonably be called an adult until well past 30…

  5. i hate to say it, but these remind me of my daughter-in-law.

  6. Barbie is looking a little on the chubby side.

  7. That was the St. John’s Bridge.

  8. So good. Eff “hipsters, millennials and instagram”!

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