20 Libraries That Surprised Everyone With a Great Sense of Humor


Some people think that libraries are boring and librarians don’t have a good sense of humor. Scroll down to see why these people are wrong.

Brilliant library book shelf idea.

Blind date with a book.

The book reaper.

Books for tall people.

Mystery books.

Batman returns... his books on time.

Meanwhile in a library...

Cold? Check out a book!

Invisible books.

Cat vs. library.

Please be patient.

Brilliant library card.

Dinosaurs didn't read.

Brilliant library warning sign.

Self checkout.

Mean while in the local library...

Cummunity jigsaw puzzle.

Be hurricane ready!

We feed off tears.

Secret tip.


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  1. C’mon now the last one is an obvious plant…

  2. Common Sense Sez January 25, 2019

    Before I had any common sense I was a farmer. I dealt in plants a lot. That’s sign not a plant, just saying…

  3. Print is dead

  4. WTH is a library?

    • It is a socialist idea, a room or building where people you share their ideas, experiences and knowledge, deposited in a lasting format, at an affordable price.

    • Actually, troll, it’s the place where homeless liberals go to the bathroom.

    • Time to THINK January 27, 2019

      It is a place that TRAITOR Trumputin supporters would not be caught dead in. They are afraid of the knowledge might be contagious.

    • @Haha, you are confusing a public library with a public lavatory. But you have probably never seen either.

    • I went to the library when I was homeless… I’m no longer homeless. But I’m a republican.

  5. You’re SO clever……

  6. NotToleratingRudes October 20, 2020

    oi stop the argument

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