Women’s Socks With Funny Rude Messages


With sayings like “I Hate Everyone Too” or “I’m a Delicate F**king Flower“, these socks by Blue Q will definitely bring joy to your feet. You’ve never seen curse word socks this adorable.

Hilariously rude women's socks.


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  1. Where can I buy these?

    • Jesus Christ… You are not too bright, are you? There are two links in the intro and each picture is clickable.

  2. Bum Bum the Clown April 2, 2019

    Yes but sat least he/she isn’t a rude prick

  3. I sent the link to all my lady friends. Yes, I have lady friends. The folks who make this stuff is going to have to put on a second shift just to get enough orders out to my friends.

  4. Passive agressive spinster socks?

  5. I thought that these were supposed to be funny. Anybody who thinks that these are funny either needs a shrink or an IQ above 80.

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