Dogs That Have No Clue How Stupid They Look With Their Toys


Smiling Teeth by Amazon

Fabulous Mustache by Moody Pet

Dog Pacifiers by Aliexpress

Rubber Chicken by BIC Warehouse

Kissy Lips by Cherrybrook Pet Supply

Booze Bottle by Amazon

Hollywood Smile by Amazon

Hamburger by Uxcell

Plush Lips by The Right Price

Dead Duck by L&H Guerra Ltd

Zombie Foot by Find-me-a-gift UK

Cartoon Mouth by Wallace and Gromit

Gorgeous Smile by Humunga

Long Tongue by EntirelyPets


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  1. Bert the Dog April 1, 2015

    This aint funny. I encourage all the dogs to viciously bite their owners. Shamful mistreatment of “Man’s Best Friend.”

    • Willie Coyote April 1, 2015

      Sorry dog, but it’s your own fault. If you hadn’t gone domestic you’d still be like us coyotes, foxes and wolves. Don’t see us looking stupid. Just sayin…

  2. Castillion April 2, 2015

    Not funny. Dogs are loyal and trustworthy to their owners. Don’t use them as an object of ridicule.

  3. Bored by Castillion April 2, 2015

    It’s not ridicule it’s just fun, if you can’t laugh at your dog you probably can’t laugh at yourself, and that’s boring and sad.

  4. yo dawg, I heard u like ridiculous expressions and playballs, so we put a ridiculous expression in your playball so u can play ball while you play ridicuolus

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