Cats That Are Helping Humans Read



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  1. PatronasKitty7 March 5, 2016

    More cat pictures. Yay.

    • Didn’t you know? The Internet was invented by cats.

    • I thought it was Al Gore who invented the internet…

    • Well… Al Gore invented the internet while he was under a kitty’s mind control, so that the felines could post videos of themselfs online, and enslave entire world with their cuteness!

  2. Hmm, there is one ginger cat who knows where his or her towel is, and another who is an animagus with a soft spot for Minerva McGonagall.

  3. judgement day March 11, 2016

    there will be no skynet, but skycatnet and humanity gives it’s freedom away without any war or confrontation.

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