Twitter Account Pairs Cat Pics With Metal Lyrics, And It’s Brilliant


Black Metal Cats is a hilarious Twitter account that has succeeded in perfectly pairing heavy metal lyrics with brooding pictures of cats that brilliantly capture the mood. Scroll down to see the best examples.

I shall set the flames of impurity and smell the stench of a thousand million martyrs.

Revenge's day has come, let's spill the blood of the bastard.

I am the one that summons thee ... lord of the night, master of death.

Heavy metal cat is disgusted with humanity.

The flames of hell are nothing compared to this life, surrounded by the atrocities called humans.

You tried to push me to the coffin, now I'm here to make you suffer. No mercy for humans.

I have been waiting more than one thousand years, now it is time to rule with chaos.

The force of evil rises. Centuries of human creation shall be buried in dust.

Nobody will escape! Nobody!

Black metal cat watches the time pass.

The barbecue has just began...

Let our darkness spread. Let our dreams manifest.

You will kneel before me!

From the north we came. To battle we ride.

My soul is freezing...

A new dawn is coming...

We kill, crush, burn.

We are the black cohort...

I explore the forgotten worlds, lands of forests and caves. Bleak is the winter here.

Release me from the curse!


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  1. Loose the Dogs of War November 27, 2018

    That kitty-cat guy will perish under the claws of the cats. He will not be spared. Then we will eat all the cats and save humankind.

  2. I suddenly realized that black metal musicians are the biggest pussies alive if you take away the guitars. Imagine if some skinny antifa sjw (like that “your’re a white male!” guy on youtube) read these lyrics out as a poem on a campus cafe, they would fit right in! You sir, just blew my mind. Ouch.

    • If you would put so much time and energy into self reflection you could become a decent human being. But I don’t see much hope for you. Same for your fellow populist posters. You’ll never reach the future.

    • Unlike you i guess, oh wise progressive liberal, now speaking to us from the future? Please tell me how to think since that IS your job for all mankind, or better yet, write a poem about it. Maybe you will end up on youtube too with your liberal friend here:

      So much reflection, so much knowledge.

  3. Constable Bob, Luton precinct November 27, 2018

    Ahham, sir, Mr Landlord, panel 9 is outlawed in the UK. Well it is if it were a pug.

  4. Bum Bum the Clown November 28, 2018

    Ah crap with all your idiot political comments. Face the Facts. It’s just more boring cat pics.

  5. Unindicted co-conspirator November 29, 2018

    Those Maine Coon cats are magnificent.

  6. The cats are magnificent, obviously. But the lyrics? Lol.

    “Nothing can perish the emptiness I feel inside” Grow the **** up!

    Cats > Dogs > Whining 6-year olds > Radical Extremist Feminists > Black Metal Lyrix

  7. TishCyanide January 11, 2019

    Its GENIUS!!!

  8. Wonder what this would look like with dogs… perfect for today’s trashpop but not much else.

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