Gallery of The Most Metal Animals Ever


If you think you are the ultimate metalhead, you haven’t seen these hardcore animals. Though some animals are just born with naturally rocking features and colors, others have unique traits that make them even metal-er (which is now officially a word). Scroll down to see the full list of awesome animals that lean toward the dark side.

Heavy metal animal.

Heavy metal horns.

Metalhead sheep.

Heavy metal huskies.

Heavy metal tortoise.

Metalhead cat.

Metalhead fish.

Metalhead horse.

Metalhead cat and penguin.

Metalhead rabbit.

Metalhead moth.

Metalhead animals.

Metalhead lizards.

Metalhead rooster.

Metalhead snapping turtle.

Heavy metal toad.

Metalhead rooster.

Heavy metal animal..

Metalhead puppy.

Heavy metal sheep.


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  1. No. 2 from the top: Full Metal Goat

  2. Some of them yeah, others maybe not so much. But cute.

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