The Hate Formula Explained



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  1. Not a chemist but I play one on TV March 24, 2017

    Substitute the media for the pernicious ignorance and the formula makes sense.

    • Smug and smarmy. I’m sure this guy thinks everyone else beside him is ignorant.

  2. Does he know that his distiller is over-filled with ignorance? Hate vapor will remain in flask and build pressure, forcing ignorance out. He will produce several test tubes of hot ignorance before any hate can be obtained.

    • The condenser looks poorly designed as well. Boiling chips would probably be a good idea as well to avoid a superheated ignorance accident.

    • Sven Vas Deferens March 24, 2017

      I give 5 plus eatliver points, now please clean the coffee off my monitor.

  3. Thats so liberal and clever, islam (which i’m guessing is what he’s trying to defend here) is just a one step proces to hate: The quran.

  4. Bob DeBuilder March 24, 2017

    ignorance, also known by the more commom street name Bliss

  5. So this guy is trying to explain why the socio-Marxist Democrap Feminazi Islamo-bot mother-cucker apes like Hillbilly Robbery KKKlinton are so full of hate. Got it.

  6. So this is why the left goes bonkers about conservative views. Interesting!

  7. Italiano Medio March 27, 2017

    So that’s how it works. Hmm.

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