Harsh Truths Told by Cute Cats


7 thoughts on “Harsh Truths Told by Cute Cats”

  1. I didn’t know it was depressing comic week already?

  2. Leftist nonsense. Of course people care about putting a gun to someones head and demanding they pay for other people and many do get excited over it. However, just because someone gets excited over something fun rather than something evil is nothing to complain about.

  3. Well, this took me by surprise too! I’m off to check Cyanide & Happiness… :)

  4. nice, actually i find most of these uplifting.
    Some of them aren’t true though: Bad times DO make me appreciate good times much more. Having only good times would be boring.
    And countless people have shown that it’s not only the class you’ve been born into. My dad comes from a working class family and has achieved an academic career.
    You WILL make a difference to SOME people, that’s more than enough.
    In “Love fades” you mean the attraction of being in a honeymoon. There’s another kind of love you won’t experience before you’re 30-something, it’s unconditional and no – it doesn’t fade.
    The rest of them is on point but as I said I like these messages. Your idols are ******* like everybody else = no need for having idols, be your own best self…etc. etc.

  5. If cheaters never prosper then why is David Beckham so good at football?

  6. 200 years is way too optimistic, perhaps 3 would be a better estimate.

  7. Maybe because it says “Cheaters *often* prosper.”

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