Hard Worker Job Interview

7 thoughts on “Hard Worker Job Interview”

  1. Millennials resemble that remark

  2. Boomers, Millenials, GenZ, Gen alpha, all junk. There is only one generation that really did all the work, got all the duties, got their privileges cut, tried to save for better times and gets kicked in the balls all the time as a reward.

  3. Which one?

  4. That you have to ask only shows that we are invisible to everyone else. Even often forgotten in those generation listings… We keep the world running.

  5. Boo hoo. I’m sad. 😢

  6. Wait how sad and helpless you’ll be once we are all gone. It will take a while though.

  7. To discourage more immigration to California, the democrats have
    rolled welfare payments back .03%.

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