I Hope This Doesn’t Offend You

16 thoughts on “I Hope This Doesn’t Offend You”

  1. Well it didn’t …. until ….. suddenly…. I realised there was no Halal killed / Sharia approved alternative version and that as a result we are all subject to sudden death for our insensitivity….and the insult to Islam…. whatever that was?

  2. Christmas cards that say “Happy Holidays” (yuk!) go straight into the bin. But that one is fun so I would keep it.

  3. Yes it is offending me, because it is implicitly telling me that I get offended easily. So **** You ! And **** you all !!!

  4. Well I’m not happy unless I’m offended. So what now?

  5. The reason “Happy Holidays” is correct & appropriate is because there’s about 300 holidays between the end of October and the middle of January.
    Jesus wasn’t a humorless, uptight *******; what is it that about some Christians that make them insist on being so?

  6. you’re easily offended…

  7. @ justsayin- i don’t think its just the christians who are easily offended about the holidays. in fact, if i remember right, its another religion who started the ‘war on christmas’ a few years ago. You know, that religion where everyone is offended by everything?

  8. So some guy starts with the idea that instead of many gods, there is only one God. Some time later a group of men decide this religion needs a “holy” book, and form a committee to write it. More time passes and as a way of this religion assimilating “heathen” Pagans, they absorb the Pagan holiday on the winter solstice (21st-22nd December) as Christmas. More time passes and some people are getting sad that other people don’t say “Merry Christmas”.
    Christmas day is generally a holiday, often with other days attached to it, that make it the “Christmas holidays”. So instead of getting sad at “happy holidays”, just enjoy Christmas Holiday and be thankful you aren’t digging food out of garbage, because some people do that.

  9. Happy Winter Feast!

  10. … everything is an insult to islam. Except killing people. That’s ok-ish as they insulted islam. What is quite easy ’cause…

  11. Why yuk? Not everyone celebrating “christmas” is christian. So it’s appropriate to reach everyone. Or is christianity as intolerant as islam?

  12. all 3 sects of abrahamism tend to be pretty intolerant, especially of each other, even tho they all worship the same BS.

  13. Never pass up a chance for a little muzzie- bashing, eh? that bandwagon is getting quite full. hopefully it crashes and burns soon.

  14. I actually would say that about all religions. Religion leads to hate and violence.

  15. In my country we never even bothered to rename the pagan winter feast, it’s still called jul (yule) just like before christianity arrived. The sun last shone on my house a little over a week ago and won’t do so again before early february, so naturally winter solstice is more important to us up here than whatever god is in fashion.

  16. mixing serif and sans-serif makes me angry!

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