50% Off Haircuts




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  1. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!

  2. Not Funny

  3. Shaved Gerbil October 28, 2014

    Anyone seen Richard Gere?

  4. Aah! The old “haircut approaches infinity” joke.

  5. The Barber os Sevile October 28, 2014

    We makea you a deal. Halfa offa ona everything.

  6. 100% Not Funny

    • you fail at maths, i can tell by your name and your disgusting stupid comment.

  7. I think the point is each time the Guinea Pig goes back in for a haircut, it gets closer and closer to being some kind of funny joke…but never actually gets there.

  8. it’s “kind of funny” if you little shits actually learned anything in school today.

  9. It’s an asymptote!

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