Brace Yourselves, Because “Hair Nails” Are Now a Thing


Between McDonald’s eyebrows and nostril hair extensions, you would think we have witnessed enough extreme trends to last several lifetimes. But no – there’s always room for more absurdity in the world of beauty.



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  1. Some people must be really bored.

  2. I know what I’m going to get this July

  3. The Ellen one is creepy

  4. No no i shouldn’t it would ruin the night shift for you

  5. Everyone who lives in a developed nation spends some portion of their life wasting their time on something silly. For a lot of people it’s sports, for others it’s weird crafty things. Neither of those things are for me, but I’m not going view those who enjoy them with contempt.

    • So, you do not live in a developed nation. How is life in such a nation? Hard, I guess.

    • I can tell you Is definitely different. Not necessarily hard but priorities are not the same. I live in a developing country and on the big cities life is similar to the life in US and Europe, but as soon as you step to smaller cities and towns everything is different. Not hard, just different.

    • @anteater, I do live in a developed nation, life is very easy, and I have hobbies, none of which involve team sports or nail art.

    • EMANPMET- backward rattus March 4, 2018

      Os thgir uoy era

    • @Nicolás: Thanks for the reply! Live is different in smaller cities in the so called developed countries, too. Or in rural areas.

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut March 4, 2018

      I open automatic doors with The Force – does that count as silly? I get some weird looks when I gesticulate in front of the door but you have to be strong when you are a Jedi!

    • @Old Man, it may be silly but a life without a little silly in it isn’t worth the effort.

  6. E.A. Presley March 4, 2018

    I wonder, how long it takes to figure out what a great place for germs those hairy things are. At the same time with gut wrenching food poisoning?

  7. Smartypants March 4, 2018

    Decadence is the last stage

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